Adopt An Animal With Australia Zoo Body Wash

Adopt An Animal With Australia Zoo Body Wash

Australia Zoo and OC Naturals are teaming up to raise funds for the Adopt an Animal program with a limited edition body wash range designed by Australian artist Brigitte Hanly of Frankie B Design. With a massive chunk of the profits (we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars!) going towards “protecting wildlife and wild places,” you can help save Igloo the Aldabra Tortoise, Charlie the Bengal Tiger and Indah the Komodo Dragon.

“Australia Zoo is thrilled to be joining forces with OC Naturals to support the Adopt an Animal program,” says wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin. 

“We are at the forefront of ensuring our precious fauna are receiving love and protection at all times. Our efforts revolve around wildlife conservation globally, and it is incredible to be involved in an initiative that supports our mission of protecting wildlife and wild places.”

Purchasing a bottle of Limited Edition Body Wash from OC Naturals will help support Australia Zoo and their ongoing fight for global wildlife conservation, alongside other important initiatives at the zoo, including its endangered species breeding program, wildlife sanctuaries and essential rehabilitation programs.

Now available at Woolworths and Coles supermarkets Australia-wide, join the fight for global wildlife conservation with Bindi Irwin, Australia Zoo and OC Naturals. Adopt an animal with our Limited Edition Australia Zoo Body Wash!

The ongoing fight for global wildlife conservation

Australia Zoo cares for over 1,200 gorgeous animals on top of the 37 animals within the adoption program. A conservation nirvana born from Australian icon Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo operates without government funding, making fundraising initiatives like this all the more important. 

“Being a cause close to our hearts, OC Naturals has been a proud supporter of Australia Zoo’s conservation work for many years through being a sponsor of the zoo’s annual crocodile research trip,” says Natures Organics’ Marketing Manager for Personal Care, Elise Synnott.

“Continuing our partnership, we couldn’t think of a more fitting collaboration between our Australian-made and owned brand teaming up with the iconic Australia Zoo to raise much-needed funds and advocate for the animals without a voice.”

Why adopt an animal?

“My heart will always beat for wildlife. Terri and I fight every day for the preservation of wildlife and wilderness – it’s our mission in life. Our children are also taking up the challenge” These are the words of the late, great Steve Irwin.

With your support, the Adopt an Animal program can help animals like Bert and his fellow koala friends. Koalas may seem tiny, but each of them needs around 1,000kgs of eucalyptus leaves each day to stay full and happy! 

These much-needed funds go towards helping the Australia Zoo operate their:

  • endangered species breeding programs
  • wildlife sanctuaries
  • essential rehabilitation programs
  • veterinary requirements, and
  • general animal husbandry needs such as food and habitat maintenance.

Flora and fauna-inspired body wash

OC Naturals is no stranger to providing customers with unique fragrances. However, with so many fragrance duplicates across multiple brands, we like to be able to offer consumers something different. 

Starting with the bottle's artwork, we wanted a stunning design that beautifully reflected the partnership's nature. With such an internationally recognised partner like the Australia Zoo, it was only natural that we went local in search of a talented artist who could bring our initiative to life.

“Crikey! This was a fun project,” wrote designer Brigitte Hanley of Frankie B Design on her website. Founded in 2019, Frankie B Design began its life as a creative outlet, a bit of me-time for a mum “in between the ins and outs of motherhood.” 

Now a producer of unique artwork to brighten your space, Brigitte incorporated her signature animal and nature-inspired prints to create the packaging artwork for the limited edition Body Wash range.

“Using playful colour choices that inspire a reimagining of Australian flora and fauna is a common theme in my artwork. So, when OC Naturals approached me to design the label for their limited edition Body Wash range, knowing that it would raise much-needed funds for the animals at Australia Zoo, I couldn’t wait to get started,” says designer Brigitte. 

“The final design features visual elements and shapes as a nod to each of the various animals in care at Australia Zoo, and we hope you love it as much as we do.”

Our Limited Edition Australia Zoo Body Wash

Beneath these flora and fauna-inspired facades are two similarly inspired scents–the Nourishing Frangipani and Nectarine and Uplifting French Pear and Apple. Each Limited Edition Australia Zoo Body Wash is made from naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and nourished.

Nourishing Frangipani & Nectarine Body Wash

Nourish your skin with Frangipani and Nectarine plant-based body wash blended with papaya and lotus extracts for soft, clean, healthy-looking skin.

Uplifting French Pear & Apple Body Wash

Uplift your skin with French Pear, and Apple plant-based body wash blended with lime and vanilla extracts for soft, clean, healthy-looking skin.

Keeping in line with our vegan-friendly and ‘certified cruelty-free’ credentials, OC Naturals limited edition Body Wash range is free from nasties. We ensure our customers can wash freely from parabens, harsh detergents, petrochemical cleaners and mineral oils through careful manufacturing processes.

It’s not enough to be kind to your skin. We want to be kind to the environment, which means continuing our pledge of being kind to the planet as a leader in sustainability.


Leaders in sustainability

Every green bottle is free from carbon black and made from recycled plastic at its Ferntree Gully site, which can then be further recycled. Plus, our formulas are manufactured in a factory powered by a roof-mounted solar system, sustainable sourcing energy and reducing carbon emissions.

While we’d love to adopt each and every one of these beautiful creatures, using OC Naturals Limited Edition Australia Zoo Body Wash is one of the many changes you can make right now to help the environment they inhabit.




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