10 Changes You Can Make Right Now To Help The Environment

10 Changes You Can Make Right Now To Help The Environment

10 Changes You Can Make Right Now To Help The Environment


Going green and staying green is an integral part of protecting the natural environment and improving the quality of life for all living things. Whether through sustainable choices or environmentally conscious initiatives, climate change is an issue shared across the planet. We here at OC Naturals are committed to making positive changes to help the environment. With decades of experience behind us, we would like to share our suggestions for how you can help the environment right now. 


Why Going Green is Good

Around the world, individuals are taking the necessary steps to go green - recycling, using reusable bags and avoiding single-use plastic. But many of us want to learn more about how to help the environment right now rather than later. 

A recent study we featured revealed that the top reason people care about helping the environment (72%) is to leave a better planet for their children. Followed closely by reducing plastic pollution in the oceans and ensuring the world has access to clean drinking water, going green is good for the future of our planet. If you want to get involved, check out these ten changes you can make right now to help the environment.


1. Spread The Word

The world is connected in so many different ways. From carrier pigeons to the telephone to the internet, it’s never been easier to communicate and spread the word about how to help the environment. Speak to those in charge. Let the brands and companies you buy from know that you want sustainable and environmentally friendly products. But more importantly, speak to your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and anyone willing to listen. We’re all in this together. 


2. Knowledge Is King

With it being so easy to communicate these days, news and information are easier to access too. A well-informed individual is a well-prepared individual. By keeping yourself informed - staying up to date with recent news and worldwide events -  you can better equip yourself to make informed decisions for a better future.


3. Responsible Travel

Electric-powered vehicles are the future. But until everyone has zero-emission vehicles, we need to consider responsible travel, which means choosing environmentally sustainable transportation when moving from A to B. Walking, cycling and travelling locally can also limit your personal impact on the environment. So consider going green and holidaying here instead.


4. Plant-Based Products

Unlike mainstream hair and skin products, OC Naturals features a blissful range of environmentally sustainable hair and skincare products that enrich and revitalise your body without resorting to harmful or synthetic ingredients. Using natural and organic plant-based elements blended with nourishing oils to make your hair and skin the epitome of radiance and health, OC Naturals ensures you can be kind to your skin and the planet at the same time.


5. Locally Sourced

OC Naturals started off back in 1981 as part of the Natures Organics family. Proudly producing environmentally sustainable products that are 100% Australian-made and owned, OC Naturals are genuine pioneers in developing natural and plant-based products. Employing the latest and greatest technology advancements over the past 40 years, the Australian plant-based range from OC Naturals is even kinder to you and the planet, making it ideal for any sustainable lifestyle.

6. Sustainability & Renewable Energy

OC Naturals believes that creating environmentally responsible products of the best possible quality starts with sourcing many ingredients from renewable and sustainable sources. All OC Naturals’ product bottles are made from recycled plastic inside a purpose-built factory powered with the help of a roof-mounted solar system.


7. Choose Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Be kind to nature and all our furry friends. To ensure that, we never test our products on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. And we mean never. Our partners and suppliers must also comply with our strict standards, meaning that all of our products are vegan-friendly and are cruelty-free accredited. 


8. Affordability

If you can save money by choosing environmentally friendly products, then it’s a win-win situation. Using affordable and carefully selected plant-based ingredients and natural oils will keep your hair and skin hydrated and healthy and your wallet happy. Plus, with all that extra cash, you might even consider donating your time or money to restore nature and tackle the leading causes of nature’s decline.


9. Waste Less

Every product we buy has an environmental footprint and could end up in landfill. To avoid the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans, OC Naturals use recycled plastic in their bottles. You can even do the same at home. The possibilities are endless, from reusing old jam jars for baking ingredients or coffee tins to store knick-knacks; you can waste less on your pathway to going green.


10. Go Second Hand

Everyone loves a bargain, so consider buying second hand. Buying products that already exist slows down the fast production cycle and the relentless demand for mass manufacturing. Buying second hand also prevents any items you purchase from ending up in landfills, which helps out with our number 9 tip.

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