How to Live Sustainably on a Budget

How to Live Sustainably on a Budget

5 easy and affordable ways to live more sustainably

A recent survey carried out in Australia and the US showed that 93% of people are concerned about the environment, with 77% indicating that they want to learn how to live sustainably. There is a perception that sustainable practices are more expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re keen to go green, adopting a more-eco friendly approach can actually save you a lot of money. In this article, we’ll explore some simple, effective ways to live more sustainably without breaking the bank.

Tips for living more sustainably

We see and hear the word sustainable all the time, but what does it mean to live sustainably? Sustainable living is all about embracing a lifestyle and making choices that have a positive impact on the environment. There are several ways you can do your bit to protect the planet without blowing the budget. Here are some top tips:

Change your buying habits

Studies suggest that over 293 billion marketing emails are sent every day. Many of us open our inboxes or tap our home screens to find a string of offers and unmissable deals. We have become accustomed to buying new things at the touch of a button, and we often buy a lot more than we need.

One of the best ways to save money and facilitate sustainable living is to modify your buying habits. Think carefully about whether you need to make purchases before adding items to your basket, and try and prioritise quality over quantity. Aim to reduce waste and look for brands that support environmental causes and offer sustainable products.

People sometimes assume that sustainable products are more expensive, but this isn’t always the case as more and more brands are offering customers affordable offerings. With brands like OC Naturals, you can invest in high-quality, sustainable hair and body products on a budget.

Reuse, upcycle and repair

All too often, we chuck things away that have plenty of life left in them. Next time you have a wardrobe clear-out, or the washing machine or dishwasher decides it doesn’t want to play ball, resist the temptation to throw everything that isn’t in pristine condition away or replace furniture or appliances with shiny new products. Instead, look into ways to repair or reuse, or embrace the hottest trend in town, upcycling. You can donate clothes and furniture to charities and good causes, organise swap shops with friends and neighbours or flex your creative skills and turn an old table into a cool, retro desk.

Recycle, and choose products that use recycled packaging

Recycling is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to live more sustainably and embrace green living. We were all shocked to see footage of treasured sea creatures trying to navigate their ways through plastic-filled waters on the BBC documentary, Blue Planet II, and since the episode aired, there has been a drive to cut plastic use and promote recycling.

Once you get into the habit of going through your household waste to find plastic, glass, tins and paper that can be recycled, it becomes part of your weekly routine. It takes two minutes and it can have an amazing impact on the environment.

Every year, around 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans. You can do your bit by swapping plastic bottles and straws for reusable cups made from sustainable materials and metal or paper straws, buying products in eco-friendly packaging and using bags for life instead of plastic shopping bags. Our commitment to a greener future is why OC Naturals uses recycled plastic in our packaging, and is a proud signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant. Choosing products that have made a commitment to recycled materials is an easy but important step you can take.

Change your travel habits

Most of us are currently working from home, but before we know it, the city streets will be packed and the air will be scattered with planes again. If you commute to work, or you enjoy travelling, there are more environmentally-friendly ways to get around.

Electric cars are more eco-friendly than diesel and petrol vehicles, and you can also reduce your carbon footprint by sharing lifts or using public transport. If you’re flying, book your flights with airlines that are committed to carbon offsetting. You can also leave your car at home and either run, walk or cycle. This will help the environment and it will also save you money and boost your mental and physical health.

Reduce your energy consumption

Reducing your energy consumption will save you money and make your home a greener space. Turn the lights off when you leave a room, invest in smart appliances and energy-efficient bulbs, use a smart meter and switch everything off at the socket. This is exactly why we strive toward sustainable energy at OC Naturals, even installing solar panels at our offices and production facility. It’s reduced our carbon emissions by more than 4,500 tonnes since installation! 

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Living sustainably doesn’t have to be expensive. Often, adopting a greener lifestyle can actually save a vast amount of money. If you’re keen to go green, there are many budget-friendly ways to live more sustainably.

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