What Causes Dandruff and How Can You Fight It?

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Say goodbye dandruff forever with the ultimate hair care guide

Dandruff is an extremely common skin condition that affects roughly half of the adult population. Unfortunately, its frequent presence does very little to remove your feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Now is the time to combat the dermatological problem once and for all.

What causes dandruff?

Before building a routine involving natural dandruff shampoo to clear dandruff forever, you must first learn to understand the condition. The symptoms include flaking, an itchy or dry scalp, and inflammation of the skin. While the presence of dandruff can be increased in individuals with certain diseases (Parkinson’s, HIV, etc.), the problem is not a major health risk. Nonetheless, it can impact your social life and confidence in a big way.

Dandruff occurs due to increased skin cell generation on the scalp. The root causes of dandruff include genetics, environmental factors, yeast-like infections, scalp sensitivity, and related conditions like eczema. Contrary to popular belief, it is not caused by poor hygiene, although the choice of hair care products is a potential reason for the development of flakes.

How to beat dandruff

Whether you experience mild or severe symptoms, your days of dandruff can be cast into the past by implementing a solid routine. When you follow each of the steps below, significant reductions may be seen in a matter of days. While it’s unlikely to stop every single flake, a sustained routine can keep flaking to a minimum. Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Change your shampoo

While the presence of dandruff doesn’t equate to poor hygiene, it may be caused by inadequate shampooing rituals. Shampooing more frequently can remove the Malassezia yeast along with dead skin cells to combat dandruff. For the best results, choose a specialised anti dandruff shampoo that contains Zinc and Vitamins. Leaving it to soak for five minutes before rinsing can increase its impact.

2. Use the right conditioner

In addition to the right natural dandruff shampoo, adding conditioner to your bathing routines may help lock in the nutrients and moisture. This can be particularly useful when the dandruff is linked to a dry scalp. A conditioner containing Coconut Oil may aid your situation too because it fights fungi. If you have the time, leave it for 30 minutes while moving around the home to achieve the best results.

3. Try tea-tree oil

A variety of natural remedies may be used to remove dandruff from the scalp. Tea-tree oil is one of the most popular options and can be massaged into the scalp for a relaxed experience that may also leave you flake-free. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are among the products believed to help manage the condition too.

4. Avoid hair dyes

When your dandruff is caused by the yeast-like infection, the natural bacteria on your scalp can help fight and contain the yeast production. However, hair dyes include chemicals that will strip your hair of the natural bacteria (as well as the nutrients in your daily hair care products), which may encourage the Malassezia to grow at a faster rate.

When to see a doctor

As mentioned, dandruff alone is not something to worry about from a medical perspective. However, red patches covered by silvery flakes may be a sign of psoriasis, which will require a specialised treatment. If you believe that this is an issue, speak to a doctor.

In most cases, though, the above steps like using the best anti dandruff shampoo can help manage your dandruff condition to restore your confidence in social settings.

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