Choosing Products From Cruelty-Free Brands

Choosing Products From Cruelty-Free Brands

Cosmetic testing kills an estimated 500,000+ animals every year. Let that sink in for a moment because it’s the harsh reality behind popular mainstream and mass-produced beauty products.

If you stand against animal testing like us, then it’s uber important that you update your beauty regime with cruelty-free brands and environmentally friendly products.

Here at OC Naturals, we’re accredited Choose-Cruelty-Free, which means not a single one of our products or ingredients, has been tested on animals, and none contain any animal derivatives. 

Keep reading to learn about the importance of choosing cruelty-free beauty products.

What is animal testing?

Animal testing is a cruel practice that typically involves cramped and unenriching environments (often small cages) for the animals, leading to psychological and physical trauma. And that’s before any products are even tested.

Some experiments involve shaving animals to see the effects of certain chemicals on their skin. In contrast, tests done under the guise of safety may look to see the impact certain chemicals have on the eyes.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. According to the Humane Society International (HSI) report, there is no need for testing new chemical formulas for beauty products. 

The hundreds of years we’ve had to discover product formulas have left us with thousands of safe chemicals to establish new products from and test in ways that don’t involve animals. This is why beauty products not tested on animals are essential and easily achievable standards for the beauty industry.

While we enjoy testing new products at our local department store or makeup shot,  animal testing isn’t as rewarding or consensual. Testing cosmetic formulas for human consumption in the beauty industry is a massive barrier to commercial success, especially in China, where products must be tested on animals before being sold in the country. 

For this reason, we have chosen not to export these products to China until this requirement is abolished.


Why choose cruelty-free products?

There is an intrinsic link between ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘animal testing’. Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals and don’t use animal-derived ingredients in any production stage. Here at OC Naturals, we follow this cruelty-free philosophy strictly, from our manufacturing processes to those of our partners and suppliers. 

By choosing cruelty-free brands, you are helping to stop the cycle of death facing animals in the cosmetic testing network. And with less demand for products tested on animals, there’s little need to breed or sell animals into this network, therefore creating a more healthy and sustainable life cycle for animals once used in testing.

Furthermore, environmental sustainability is, quite naturally, intertwined with cruelty-free products. Beauty products that aren’t tested on animals contain ingredients that have been pre-determined as safe and often natural/organic and therefore healthier for our environment. 

Any product we use in the shower to wash our hair or body ultimately gets washed down the drain, making it essential to use environmentally friendly products to protect our waterways and our planet’s creatures. And thanks to our plant-based formulas and ethical philosophy, OC Naturals Hair and Body products are guaranteed cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.


The importance of choosing cruelty-free brands

Choosing cruelty-free products doesn’t just mean showing our furry friends the love and respect they deserve. Choosing brands free of animal testing, like those from OC Naturals:

  • Contributes to a sustainable beauty economy
  • Creates demand for environmentally friendly products
  • Brings positive change to our society

Make the switch to OC Naturals today for all your hair and body care needs to find yourself living a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits your beauty and our planet.

Discover more tips for living sustainably on our blog or changes you can make today to help the environment.

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