7 Tried, True Ways To Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

7 Tried, True Ways To Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

Bathtime–kids either love it or hate it; either way, you still need to get your children clean after a day of mucking around in the mud. So how do we make bath time more fun for the little ones? Toys, games, music and bubbles can make bath time more fun for children of all ages! 

Keep your kids squeaky clean without the tears with our bathtub tips. Come along with OC Naturals as we go through our list of the top seven ways to make bath time fun!


1. Use Kid’s Bubble Bath

    Bath time is so much more enjoyable with OC Naturals Kids Bubble Bath! Our all-natural, moisturising formula's longer-lasting bubbles result in happier kids in the tub. This bubble bath makes for a cheerful, bubbly bath time and leaves skin soft and smooth. It is enriched with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, camomile, and shea butter, which have calming, soothing, and moisturising effects. In short, bath bubbles are your shortcut to more fun at bathtime.

    2. Use Shampoo and Conditioner That Smells Great

    How do Berry Bliss and Fruit Blast shampoo, conditioner and body wash sound? It sounds absolutely fantastic. OC Naturals kids' hair and body care products feature unique blends of plant-based ingredients to keep your little one’s hair and skin looking and feeling soft as nature intended. But the best part for your kids will be the way they smell! 

    Berry Bliss delivers a blissful scent with Raspberry Extract, while Fruit Blast is loaded with Watermelon. It smells so good; your children will be begging for bath time by the end of the day.

    3. Set The Perfect Bath Temperature

    According to The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, the safe temperature for a child's bath is between 37°C and 38°C (or about 36°C for a newborn). You should check the temperature with your wrist or elbow for the best results. If you’re worried about misbehaving plumbing causing burns or scalds, you can get a plumber to limit your hot water temperature to a maximum of 50°C. 

    4. Toys; Toys Everywhere

    Although many bath toys are available, the best ones teach your little ones while they play. For instance, a set of floating marine animals can encourage pretend play, while numbers and letters can improve language and counting abilities. You should also try out plastic cups and containers in various sizes for pouring, filling, and dumping to assist in the development of fine motor skills. You can play plenty of child-friendly games in the tub, so get creative and see what kind of bath time games you can come up with together.

    5. Bath Time is Reading Time

    Don’t worry; we’re not about to drop books into the water. Instead, you can use bath time to read to your children. Alternatively, you can locate some plastic-coated bath books for waterproof reading in the bath. 

    6. Sing and Play Music

    Everyone is guilty of singing in the shower, so if you don’t mind a bit of noise, get your kids to join in with some bathtime tunes like Splish Splash, Rubber Duckie or any other favourite child-friendly music. If you can’t quite keep a tune, playing some music is a great alternative.

    7. Mirror Play

    A mirror plus bath time equals hilarious reflections brought on by soap faux-hawks, white fluffy soap beards and all manner of soap-related accessories. It’s more fun for children if they can see their results, so place a mirror near the bathtub and enjoy the extra giggles.


    More Bathtime Fun With OC Naturals

    Bubble baths with the kids can make bath time more fun than ever before! With longer-lasting bubbles and a natural, plant-based moisturising formula enriched with an abundance of soothing, calming and moisturising properties, keep your kids squeaky clean without the tears. Available at Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and selected Independent Supermarkets, find your nearest OC Naturals stockist today.

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