Quick And Easy Hair Styling Ideas For Kids

Quick And Easy Hair Styling Ideas For Kids

Quick And Easy Hair Styling Ideas For Kids

If you’re a parent, you know mornings can be hectic. And you know only too well how much patience - and sometimes, creativity - it takes to get your kid’s hair looking presentable every day. With a little bit of know-how and insider knowledge, taming your kid’s hair for school can become a whole lot easier. Just follow some of these must-try kids hairstyle tips and tricks below.

How to make hair washing fun

No, your kid isn’t an exception - most kids hate hair washing! We find that children are more willing to wash their hair with a fun shampoo, especially if it has a great smell and doesn’t sting their eyes. To make hair washing fun, start by washing their hair with the OC Naturals plant-based 3-in-1 gentle shampoo, that also works as a conditioner and body wash. Enriched with moisturising Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Raspberry Extract and Wheat Germ Oil, it gently cleans and moisturises their hair and their body from top to toe! Available in Berry Bliss and Fruit Blast scents, both featuring a delicious fruity smell to keep bathtime fun!



Say goodbye to tangles and knots

If you find yourself tackling knotted or tangled hair, the OC Naturals Detangling Spray will make brushing your kids' hair a lot easier. Whether their hair is wet or dry, a few squirts of this plant-based hair spray will help untangle any knots and leave their hair feeling soft and silky. Perfect for long locks, curls and even the fussiest of kids!

Easy hairstyles for kids

Looking for some quick and easy hairstyle ideas? Grab some OC Naturals Kids Styling Gel to help you create some seriously fun styles! Its tutti-fruity fragrance is a big hit with the littles ones!

Popular kids hairstyles for girls

  • Ponytails

  • A simple and classic hairstyle for anyone with long hair. Whether it’s a high pony or a low one, grab a hair tie and secure the hair back out of their face. The Styling Gel will help to slick back any loose hairs and give you a long-lasting hold. 

  • Ballet bun or top knot

  • Put the hair into a ponytail high on the head, then twist the hair around into a bun. Secure with an extra hair elastic at the base or bobby pins, if needed. The handy Styling Gel works to help swoop hair up into place and secure any flyaways or frizz. 

  • Pigtails

  • Divide the hair down the middle into two ponytails, one on each side. Use the trusty Styling Gel to help part the hair and smooth the hair down and tie it into the perfect pigtails!

  • French braid

  • The Detangling Spray will be your best friend here. Use it to ensure all the knots have been brushed out before starting. Braid the hair starting from the top and pulling in a new piece of hair each time until you have eventually reached the bottom and braided in the remainder of the hair along the way.

    Popular kids hairstyles for boys

  • Long hair

  • For boys with long hair, it can be really annoying if it’s constantly falling into their eyes. Keep hair looking neat and out of their face using the Styling Gel. The long-lasting hold is tough enough to withstand whatever adventure they have planned for the day!

  • Short hair

  • Use a comb to keep short hair down and in place. Grab your Styling Gel once more to catch any unruly hairs that might not be behaving!

  • Spiky hair

  • You can also use the Styling Gel to add volume and texture to short hair. Use it to help spike the hair up in the front or all around. 

  • Man bun

  • A man bun is a cute hairstyle for boys with long hair. The process is similar to creating a girl’s top knot. Simply put the hair up into a ponytail and wrap it around to create the bun. Use the Detangling Spray to make sure all the knots are out and the Styling Gel to tame any flyaway hairs.


    Choose hair care with plant-based ingredients 

    Children's skin can be sensitive to the many chemicals that are often included in synthetic hair care products, including harsh detergents and petrochemicals. That’s why, at OC Naturals, our full range of products are made with naturally-derived ingredients that are gentle on the skin.  Discover more about The Importance of Natural Ingredients For Your Child's Skin on the blog.

    OC Naturals hair care products are designed to keep your kids’ hair looking and feeling healthy. Try OC Naturals range of kids hair styling products for yourself today and discover how easy it can be to get your kid’s hair looking its very best every day, hassle-free! Find your nearest OC Naturals stockist today.

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